What is ACRE?

ACRE is the Association of Community Rehabilitation Educators. They are a national membership organization for trainers and educators in the field of employment for people with disabilities.

ACRE does the following:

  • Promotes competency-based training for employment service professionals. This facilitates the provision of high- quality employment services to individuals with disabilities.
  • Provides a curriculum certification review process for community employment provider organizations. 
  • Maintains sets of competencies for employment staff and evaluates curricula against those competencies.
  • Identifies emerging needs in the field of employment services, which informs the need to update competency lists.
  • Maintains a registry of names of professionals who complete any ACRE-approved competency-based training.
  • Helps individuals and organizations with training needs to find competency-based training.

As ACRE members, we…

  • Share a common goal: to improve employment services and outcomes for individuals with disabilities by providing competency-based training.  
  • Provide competency-based training for employment service professionals using online, virtual, and/or in-person delivery formats

Course overview

Training: Progressive Employment Concepts ACRE – Basic Customized Employment

As practitioners in the field of Customized Employment for the past 20 years, we know first hand the value of quality training. We are honored to have our curriculum approved by ACRE. Our 40 hour Customized Employment training combines in-person lecture and lab components. Learners walk through the process of Discovery and the development of Customized Employment solutions. Hands-on learning prepares Employment Specialists with the tools necessary to assist ALL people in finding employment in their community. Specialty focus areas: supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and those with complex support needs as well as developing social capital.

Days 1-3 Discovery stages 1-4, Social Security Benefits
Days 4-5 Discovery stage 5, Systematic Instruction, Job development/Negotiation and Ongoing Support.

Upon completion of our ACRE-endorsed curriculum in Customized Employment, practitioners will receive a National Certificate of Achievement in Customized Employment Services- Basic Level. This certificate is becoming more widely required for providers of employment support across the nation – get ahead of the curve!

Upcoming Trainings

Don’t see a class that works for you? Schedule an in-person training at your agency!

Mentoring- Take Your Skills to the Next Level

The ACRE Customized Employment 40 hour course provides practitioners with the basic skills and knowledge to provide Customized Employment services. Want more than just a basic understanding of CE? Utilizing the tenets of fidelity, our skilled specialists will walk with you through the process of Discovery and the development of the employment plan, solidifying your knowledge and skills and taking you to the next level professionally.