Individuals who are participants in the Self-Determination Program have a variety of service options within our agency. All services provided reflect our philosophy of supporting individuals to have the most positive control over the lives they choose to lead for themselves.

Services available

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We are now accepting new clients for Self-Determination. If you would like to join our waiting list or request more information, please follow the below link to complete a short form.

Initial Person-Centered Planning

We will support you to develop a plan that identifies what’s important to you, what’s important for you, and your hopes and dreams for the future. Support to create this plan includes time spent getting to know you and support to identify your “circle of support,” or the team you’ve chosen to support you with your plan. These are the people who care about you and know you best. We will support you to coordinate with your team and in the facilitation of your person-centered plan meeting(s). Following those meetings, we will take the information from your planning meeting and turn it into a written plan for you to submit to the Regional Center. This plan will be crafted in a way that’s best and most accessible for you and will clearly outline your goals, those who will help you achieve those goals, and specific timelines. 

Your Initial Person-Centered Plan is funded through your Regional Center, up to $2,500. We are therefore able to provide up to 25 hours of planning services based on our rate of $100/hour. The majority of plans take 15-25 hours, depending on complexity, but individuals have the option of using private pay if they’ve exhausted Regional Center funding and would like more than 25 hours of support. 

As part of your plan facilitation, we may also support you to understand your individual budget, identify and advocate for unmet needs, interview and hire a Financial Management Service (FMS), and develop your spending plan etc. This is based on the level of support you want and need and the number of hours you have available following the development of your written plan (25 hour cap). Keep in mind that Self-Determination is an individualized process so no planning process will look the same! Some steps may require more time than others depending on the individual.

Independent Facilitation

Once you’ve completed your Person-Centered Plan, certified your budget, and created your spending plan, your Regional Center will sign off and you’ll officially be a participant in Self-Determination! At this time, you have the option to select an Independent Facilitator (IF) who can support you with understanding and navigating the Self-Determination Program and carrying out the goals you set in your Person-Centered Plan. You may hire a paid Independent Facilitator (service we offer), use your Regional Center Service Coordinator, or have a friend or family member serve in that role. Keep in mind that there are training requirements for IF’s and rules about who can be paid in that role.

If you choose to hire one of our Independent Facilitators, we are able to support you with the recruiting, hiring, and training of your staff. We can also support you when negotiating contracts with potential vendors. We will support you to identify and access resources in your community that will help you to reach your goals. As your IF, we will also support you to review your monthly spending to ensure that you stay within your budget and support you to update your Person-Centered Plan, as needed (at least once per year). Ultimately, our goal as your IF is to support you to take the most positive control of the life you envision for yourself.

We offer several Independent Facilitation Packages to meet your needs. We’ve put together these options as a way for you to budget for your Independent Facilitator in your Spending Plan. Please note that the cost of Independent Facilitation Services is $100/hour and will be paid for out of your Individual Budget. If you live outside of the greater Sacramento region and would like in-person support, there may also be an additional mileage/travel reimbursement. IF services may be provided virtually or in-person based on your individual needs and preferences. 

Direct Support to achieve your goals

We are now offering direct services and supports to help you reach the goals in your Person-Centered Plan and Individual Program Plan. These services are available for those receiving Independent Facilitation Services outside of our agency. These supports may include but are not limited to 

  • Discovery and Customized Employment Development and Support

  • Community and Civic Involvement

  • Self-Advocacy

  • Post-Secondary Education Support

  • Micro-Enterprise Development and Support

Services will be 100% individualized and based on your needs and preferences. Rates vary based on the type of support that you’re requesting. Please inquire directly with the type of support you’re looking for and we will provide you with our current hourly rates.