Ticket to Work

Ticket to Work is a program funded by Social Security that helps people with disabilities work more and earn more through comprehensive assistance in making the most of the benefits while employed.  The program goal is to ensure people are able to keep their healthcare and maintain financial stability while working in competitive, integrated employment.

Through Ticket to Work, Progressive Employment Concepts can provide intensive, individualized advisement on Social Security and other public benefits to any Social Security Beneficiary.  Even if you receive employment support from another agency, we can provide benefits counseling through Ticket to Work. 

For those people who don’t utilize job coaching services, Ticket to Work assists with resume development, job applications, cover letters, and more.

In addition to services, people who use Ticket to Work services automatically have their continuing disability reviews paused, so they don’t need to worry about it while searching for and starting a job!

To qualify for Ticket to Work, you must receive a cash payment from Social Security, either SSI or Title II.  You also need to plan on meeting earnings milestones set by Social Security.  This works out to about 17 hours per week the first year and 23 hours per week the second at minimum wage in California.

If you are interested in Ticket to Work services, please complete our Ticket to Work Intake Form:

To find out more about Ticket to Work, email Pam at ttw@progressiveemployment.org